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What can I receive?

Illustration vue de tokyo et box mensuelle expédié du Japon.

Japanese products

The CandysanBox is sent to you directly from Japan. We select for you from Tokyo the best Japanese products of the market.

Illustration des friandises Japonaises de la box mensuelle CandysanBox.

14 sweets and snacks

Every month, receive a new assort of sweet ans salty candies and snacks. The flavours change following the seasons so you will discover the most famous products as well as the limited editions.

Illustration de gashapon japonais, silhouette de personnages d'anime Japonais.

1 gashapon

Each CandysanBox contains a gashapon, a surprise capsule really popular in Japan. Each capsule can contain a small figure toy, a phone strap or many things else, often connected to anime, manga or Japanese culture.

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Each month, a Fat-Box to win!

Once a month, one of the subscribers of the CandysanBox will receive a FatBox, a special box containing, in addition to the regular content, beautiful Japanese presents.

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